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Stay in Faith, A better life is on the horizon

Mission Statement

Community Lifestyle Institute’s Mission Statement:

We seek to strengthen families, increase economic viability, and improve the public safety. by offering opportunities for formally incarcerated persons a second chance. at becoming a productive and law abiding member of the community.

We emphasize and apply the beatitudes: corporal and spiritual works of mercy by providing eye care and clothing for job interviews or workplace clothing.

we hope to increase the awareness of the problems of recidivism by publishing research on social injustice, Mass incarceration, and recidivism.

By enhancing the possibility of formerly incarcerated adults becoming law abiding citizens through community collaborations, we seek to strengthen families, increase economic stability, and improve health and public safety.

Mission Statement Objectives:

  • Mentoring formerly incarcerated persons
  • Referring to programs with self-improvement courses in soft skills
  • Referring clients to other reentry services
  • Providing a blog which promotes awareness of the issues and problems of formerly incarcerated
  • Providing or partnering to provide a comprehensive transition to community program


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