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Stay in Faith, A better life is on the horizon

Social Justice Blog

Social Justice Blog

Goodwill Re-Integration Program

Posted on June 15, 2015 at 8:40 AM

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Goodwill Changing Lives

Goodwill a nationally known retail thrift shop is “more than meets the eye.” Recently I learned that the chain is actively engaged in changing lives through its Goodwill Re-Integration Program (GRIP). In doing so, it provides reentry support for those returning citizens who need employment; job search assistance. Goodwill provides education in computer and culinary skills. Their employment assistance services include many of the same services we offer at CLI  such as resume writing, interview appearance, computer skills, job search support and job placement assistance. Requirements vary per program, but some of their programs require returnee to be homeless; live in transitional or supportive housing; meet low income guidelines; have functional literacy skills; clear criminal record (no outstanding warrants); and be over 17 years old in good health.

For a small fee, returning citizens can learn computer basics such as Windows Operating System, Internet and email basics, as well as Microsoft Excel. These skills can alleviate the Rip Van Winkle effect of returning to the world outside of prison walls. Training is offered in culinary arts which is an asset in tourist industry cities such as New Orleans. Classes in culinary arts are offered through the American Culinary Federation to homeless or recently released incarcerated individuals. The course training covers rules and regulations of food handling and preparation; proper storage and sanitation techniques and principles; knowledge of meat cuts and butchery; large scale food production techniques; soup, sauces, baking, breakfast cookery and regional cuisine.

Goodwill claims that over 700 have graduated from their culinary arts program. Their graduates are placed in restaurants, hotels, casinos, hospitals, colleges and offshore vessels. More information about enrolling in Goodwill Re-Integration Programs should be directed to Goodwill 3400 Tulane Avenue, Suite 1000; New Orleans, LA 70119

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